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We understand how vital your ID card is to you!

  ID cards are required in small or large organizations with a considerable number of employees. A person's identification is represented by the card. It has the following information: identity, photograph, job title, authorization, issue/expiration date, etc. It is referred to as identification, or simply an ID card. An ID card is a must-have item in any business, large or small. It is useful for displaying your class and recognizing brand members in particular. Furthermore, ID cards can be used for a variety of purposes. Are you a brand that needs to manufacture ID cards for your staff and other brand members? Are you looking for professional ID Card Design Company in Chennai? must locate a reputable ID Card Maker in Chennai. And it is exactly who we are! We are the most dependable ID Card Maker in Chennai.

  Our graphic design team can generate the ideal ID cards for your business. We specialize in online graphic design services. Within a few hours, our skilled design team will deliver the exact ID card design you require. You can print it and use it whenever you like. Our staff provides the most adaptable and affordable online service experience. You may count on us for any of your graphic design needs. We are the most reliable ID Card Maker in the Industry.

We Make Your Demands Feasible!

Office security, productivity, and brand identity all rely on ID cards. They define and discuss your brand. They give you useful information about your staff. It specifically assists you in identifying each of them, which is especially useful in huge organizations. You would require a specific ID Card Design in Chennai. That is when our ID Card Maker in Chennai makes an entry. Because we are the exclusive ID Card Design Company in Chennai.

We deliver the best solution for our customers' demands. Our fully skilled staff of graphic designers customizes our designs. Our design services are focused on your company's requirements. BA Technology also provides one-of-a-kind bespoke design assistance for ID card creation. All of our ID Card Layouts are unique and affordable. Request an estimate for our Delhi ID Card Designing services. Avail of our ID Card Design Chennai solutions soon.


Get Custom Solutions from our ID Card Designing Company.

Creating a unique ID is a simple process. Do you have any notion of what kind of badge you want? Or do you want a style that you have in mind? We can assist you in finishing your design by supplying you with a template that you can use for all of your ID badges.

When designing bespoke ID badges, you can use any type of design you like. Depending on your needs, ID cards can be produced either horizontally or vertically. You can also decide whether you want a single-sided or double-sided ID for your business. Single-sided ID cards are perfect for businesses that don't need a lot of data on their badges. A double-sided ID is great for businesses that require extra information on their badges.

We make them, We make Everything!

  Your cards might also have security measures applied to them. Holograms and magnetic stripes are two security aspects to take into account. To store information, a magnetic stripe can be added to your ID card. The information will be deciphered when the card is swiped via a magnetic stripe reader. The decrypted data will be shown on the display of a computer. This is an excellent method for keeping track of personnel information. Magnetic stripes are also useful for access management within your organization.

  After your personalized ID has been laminated, a hologram can be created to be placed on it. Holograms make it harder to duplicate or copy your ID badge. Because the hologram is applied to the ID card after it has been laminated, it will be more challenging to modify the ID card in any manner.


The Importance of ID Cards in Business

Regardless of the size of the organisation, having an ID card gives value to the brand. ID cards are used not just for identity, but also for security and brand exposure. The value of identification cards in business cannot be emphasised. It is extremely beneficial in:

  • • Brand recognition is important.
  • • Increase your credibility.
  • • Increase employee confidence by having them wear the brand ID.
  • • This demonstrates the brand's professionalism.
  • • Increase security by keeping unauthorised individuals who do not have an ID card out.
  • As a result, ID cards appear to be vital for establishing your brand identity separately. It gives your staff, your company, and your customers a sense of belonging. The level of confidence with an ID card allows transactions to proceed.

    The level of trust provided by an ID card allows transactions to run fast and smoothly. This trust does not present when you first meet a new customer, which might cause purchasing and selling to be delayed. The simplest way to obtain necessary information is to request a picture ID card.


The most typical application for an ID card is to confirm that the person carrying it is who she purports to be. You are able to utilise it to cross-reference any further information she provides. However, the ID must be given out by a recognised government institution.

Monitoring Services

When used to organise and access client information, an ID card may enhance your client response and services. You can access the database using his ID and rapidly address inquiries regarding his past background.


An ID that your organisation establishes for its own use might manage personal access to ranging from worker areas to VIP lounges. A photo is optional if you know the personnel. If the card has machine-readable identification, your presence is not necessary.

A sneak peek at the card design -

  All forms of ID cards are designed at BA Technology with the specifications and features to be included in mind. Our ID card design process begins with gathering customer requirements. We decide on layouts and templates and design the first phase. Following client permission, our team will proceed. Then we'll get to the rest of it.

Identification Card Types

  •   Fusing Laminated ID Cards- two cards in one
  •   RFID ID cards provide secure access and exit.
  •   Make sure to count your gift cards.
  •   Loyalty Cards- We make certain that your loyalty points are massive in order to surprise you.
  •   Membership Cards- get the most prestigious membership card.
  •   We display only the relevant information, such as a student ID or an employee ID.

The Process We Follow -

  •   We offer high-quality services and are known for our prompt delivery.
  •   Prior to the start of the project, we hold an extensive engagement session with the customer.
  •   We discuss the client's ideas for ID designs and the specifics that should be included. We understand the type of matrices he favours and the colour spectrum he desires. We understand if he likes a theme-based design for his corporate ID card and other similar items.
  •   We start with the right idea, and then our staff of innovative graphic designers embellishes on the client's notion.
  •   We collaborate with the client as a team. Every stage of the procedure requires client consent.
  •   Our innovative design team creates out-of-the-box items that set us apart from the competition. We offer the most cheap graphic design services in Chennai.

There are Multiple Card Types as Our Expertise.

We can assist you with the creation of a wide range of cards. You can email us a mockup of the style you want as well as the business logo. We will make a card for you and store it in your account for you to view. If the design meets your requirements, you can get as many badges for identification as you require.

We can assist you in creating the following types of IDs:

Employee identification numbers:

It is great for employee tracking and ensuring that your workers operate in a safe and professional atmosphere.

Security Pins:

Access control can be incorporated into the design of these badges. A barcode or magnetic strip can be used to provide security while entering specific portions of the building.

Non-Profit Identification Numbers:

It is used for recognising volunteers who work for a non-profit organisation. These can be as straightforward as a name tag.

Company Emblems:

It is a type of employee identification. Depending on your organisation's current demands, a company badge can be basic or sophisticated.

Membership Cards:

These cards can be used for any party or organisation that requires an account in order to enter. These cards are frequently built with a strip of magnetic material that may be scanned into a magnetic card scanner to gain access into a club.

How Do We Create Brand ID Cards?

When we develop ID cards for businesses, we keep a few things in mind. Designing personalised identity cards for specific enterprises and organisations takes only a few hours. Here are some items to consider if you want to know how we develop ID cards for you. We are always on the lookout for eye-catching graphic design for your needs. We focus on specific areas for ID card design to ensure the brand's recognised design. They do,

Brand Emotion

If you have any brand colour palettes, please let us know. So, when developing the ID card, we'll employ the trademark colour. Having a distinct colour variety for your brand provides you a professional feel. Because colour will be used in all of your brand graphics as well as real items. It will assist customers recognise your brand simply by looking at the colour, regardless of where they see it.

Outlook Is Simple But Catchy

We created an ID card that is both simple and appealing. We select one or two colours to create a visually appealing colour combination. We use classic shapes and lines to make your ID card stand out.

Providing you with a Perfect Layout

The general layout of the ID card might be horizontal or vertical. We design whatever layout you want. We'll create whatever design you like. You can use any of the layout choices for your ID card because they are both standard and look good.

Design of a Badge

A badge represents an institution, its ancestry, and its wit. The badge can also influence people in general. A superb badge can clearly reflect the institution's standard and credibility.
Among other things, we design badges, logos, monograms, and books. The designs include outstanding thoughts and ideas that clearly visualise your uniqueness.

Illustration and graphics

It is preferable to avoid using any distinctive graphics on the ID card. However, the image of the recognised individual is required for the ID card. The ID card must bear the image of the individual who is using it. Furthermore, we do a small illustration on the ID card design to ensure that it appears excellent.

Filling the Sides of the ID Card.

An ID card often has two sides. One is in the front and one is in the back. The important information is on the front side. The information on the back of an ID card is less than essential. We can make it more illustrative if you wish.