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  Accelerated Mobile Pages is a Google and Twitter open-source project. It enables business owners to create faster, Accelerated mobile pages. It contributes to increased mobile exposure and SEO. AMP for website has a very lightweight HTML page. It loads quickly on mobile devices of all platforms. It facilitates the development of websites using the 'Google Mobile First Indexing' power. AMP for website boosts the performance of websites for mobile users. They get a smooth browsing experience using AMP. We make everything simple for your business as an Accelerated website design company.

  In designing an amazing AMP website , we have unique, innovative approaches and genius mavens. We strive to be the greatest Accelerated website design company in the world. We provide AMP website design and development services focusing on high quality. Our priority is faster delivery and increased client satisfaction. We have perfected its efficiency in producing Accelerated mobile pages for various brands. With the rising use of smartphones, we live in a mobile-friendly environment. People favor quicker website processes and loading times. Accelerated Mobile Page (AMP) is used in this case.

  We have worked with several clients all across the world. Our team was successful in establishing a standard in AMP for website. We are presently one of the Best Accelerated website design company in India as a result of our ongoing efforts.

  We are a well-established web development firm with years of experience. We are industry professionals in building AMP for website . We provide a comprehensive range of services for Accelerated mobile pages. We create and maintain advanced and bespoke AMP components for faster website loading. We make AMP components affordable and user-friendly. We have adaptable and knowledgeable Accelerated mobile page developers. We work together to build difficult and massive projects of any scale. Our primary goal is to lower the bounce rate and increase the efficacy of a static site. We are known for our services as an Accelerated website design company in Chennai.


Key Advantages of Using Google AMP:

  •   A framework that is open source.
  •   The mobile version will load faster.
  •   Excellent SEO visibility.
  •   Improve your website's mobile ranking.
  •   Improve server performance.
  •   Mobile responsive.
  •   The AMP format is completely portable.
  •   Increase the number of visits to the website.
  •   Reduce your bounce rate.
  •   Maintain the audience's interest in the website.
  •   Outstanding performance.

Get Benefitted with AMP!

  Google first introduced AMP to improve the performance of websites on smartphones and other mobile devices. Many reputable companies collaborated on the project in a short period of time. AMP is represented by a lightning bolt, which represents the speed with which online pages load. In many ways, AMP is more successful for mobile pages. AMP pages are created with a minimum of Javascript and HTML. Larger website pages with a lot more content might be loaded in a matter of seconds. Websites that use AMP load 2.5 times faster than non-AMP websites. In comparison, AMP web pages receive 10% more visitors. AMP websites improve the user experience by loading pages faster than HTML. Even with the AMP framework, these pages perform effectively on desktops in nearly every browser.

  We create visually appealing websites. With its amazing performance, our website attracts users. Our work is in line with their company objectives. Our objective is to strengthen and keep our client relationships. As a result, our support and service will improve. Fast-loading mobile pages combined with mobile-optimized content equals a better user experience.


  If a website takes more than 2 seconds to load, 40% of users will abandon it. You may increase mobile search engine rankings by incorporating AMP into your website. We can enhance engagement and conversion rates by providing mobile-optimized content. With our AMP development services, we aim to assist you get a higher ROI. Nobody else creates AMP-enabled web pages like us.

  You can significantly minimize your website's bounce rate. You can also make money from marketers using AMPs. AMPs also allow you to earn money from advertisers and other content-heavy pages. Faster loading and seamless navigation are benefits of AMP. It also improves your website's SEO. Every project is unique to us. We approach each project with the same level of meticulousness and commitment. We develop the most advanced AMPs at BA Technology. We are the top Accelerated website design company in Chennai.

Use AMP to Enhance Your Business.

BA Technology employs the greatest AMP practices to significantly increase your readership. We understand how critical it is to reduce the time it takes for your website to load. We can assist you in reducing this without sacrificing the quality of your website. We can assist you in developing customized solutions to achieve this goal. Using AMP does not necessitate any additional development steps above a standard HTML website. As a result, AMP can be easily installed. The pages load significantly faster than the originals. It is critical to use AMP to increase the loading speed of your website.


Creating an AMP Strategy.

We provide AMP consulting services to organizations to help them grasp the benefits of AMP. Our distinct technique enables us to develop customized AMP solutions. Across all mobile devices, our solutions are very adaptable and scalable.


Developing the AMP.

Quality is something we are obsessed with. Our AMP codes are well-formatted, light, and simple to update. We are India's leading AMP development company. We excel at producing well-coded and developed mobile pages.


Developing AMP in eCommerce.

Do you run an eCommerce store on Shopify or Magento? We can optimize it for eCommerce using our AMP solutions. AMP will result in faster loading times and higher levels of client engagement. This directly leads to increased buying flows.


Design in AMP.

We have a team of highly skilled and experienced developers who are well-versed in AMP. They create your pages in a method that requires very little code. They provide the best mobile experience for increased conversions.


Creating AMP for WordPress.

We can assist you in installing and configuring AMP plugins for WordPress. This aids in the automatic addition of AMP capabilities to your existing website. These plugins make your website load faster on mobile devices. This is due to the optimised content and customised design layout.


AMP Support 24/7

We offer dependable and timely assistance. 100% customer satisfaction is guaranteed. Following the launch, our skilled AMP developers deliver simple but powerful AMP services. This is done to assure the best possible return on investment.

Why Choose Us for AMP development?
Strategy for AMP

  Each business plan begins with a consultation. Many businesses benefit from our AMP website design services. We assist them in comprehending the limits of AMP. We modify the blueprint to assist us in developing customized AMP solutions. Our solutions are mobile and desktop devices adaptable and responsive.

Design by AMP

  Our crew has a lot of experience. Our AMP design experts will create authentic web pages for you. For a better experience, we offer a well-formatted and lightweight design. This experience is provided to mobile and desktop users

WordPress AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages)

  AMP is a free and open-source project. The AMP WordPress plugin adds fully integrated AMP publishing to WordPress sites. It does not jeopardise the platform's flexibility. It also improves compatibility with core WordPress themes. We can also set the plugin to a variety of template modes. Standard, Transitional, and Reader are the available modes.


AMP Evolution

  The coding is done on the backend. It doesn't take long to load and provides an amazing user experience. We offer the most effective AMP development services. We provide properly coded mobile pages.

E-Commerce AMP

  For a beautiful aesthetic, add a touch of AMP to your website! We provide E-Commerce systems that are both quick and easy to use. All throughout the world, a big number of businesses deploy accelerated mobile pages. It is due to its strong content management system. AMP provides a faster loading time, making it ideal for eCommerce.

AMP Compatibility

  We are a premier AMP Development firm. We provide the best solution to assist you achieve your business objectives. Our helpful and knowledgeable crew is constantly at your disposal. We assist any type of business, from startups to small businesses to large corporations. Regardless of the commodity, our services are available.

Our Services

With their tireless efforts, our staff will constantly be available for you. The AMP Pages created by us, will have the following -


High Efficiency

Our idea of high performance is applicable to our services and clients. Our services are offered regardless of the kind or location of their business offerings. excellent performance, in turn, results in excellent quality.


Solutions at a Low Cost

We will provide you with fully customized AMP creation services at a lower cost. Our uncomplicated and high-quality services have earned us a prominent position in the competition.



We offer responsive web page design that is focused on flexibility and compatibility. The versatility allows the firm to run smoothly across all platforms.


Expert Advice

All of the AMP pages will be created by enthusiasts and experts in the subject. Our crew is well-versed in the market's most recent tools and trends.

The Advantages of AMP That Make It Ideal for Your Business

AMP is extremely quick. Google accelerated mobile pages are designed to load quickly on mobile devices. Because of its versatility and ease of use, it has been freely embraced by all major browsers and open platforms. AMP provides numerous advantages over responsive web pages. It improves page speed, user experience, and bounce rate.

Loading Time is Reduced

  Our team has done an excellent job designing and developing the AMP. It is aimed to reduce the loading time of the website. The information and load the pages with great ease and precision.

Reduced Bounce Rates

  Its faster loading speed allows it to captivate a larger audience for a longer period of time. As a result, the bounce rate is reduced. As a result, your website's bounce rate will be significantly reduced.

Search Engine Marketing

  It makes it easier for search engines to find your website. Because there is no need to customize the material, it causes them to crawl.

Mobile Compatibility

  The AMP is excellently designed and created in a mobile-friendly manner. The faster loading time improves mobile accuracy. It makes the website accessible on all devices.

Improved Website Ranking

  Its faster loading time attracts a larger readership. Furthermore, it encourages more people to interact with and visit your website. It improves your page's SEO visibility. As a result, the website's ranking in search engines improves directly.