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We offer regular Website maintenance services . This keeps your website current and in good condition. We perform various E-commerce website maintenance services as part of our regular monthly maintenance.

  1.  Plan for regular backup and recovery
  2.  Update the platform and plugins for your website.
  3.  ongoing surveillance for malware
  4.  Checking the health of websites
  5.  Correct faults that lead to website inaccessibility
  6.  24/7 security enhancement

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Website Maintenance Services & Support

Why do you need the best website maintenance services?

You may feel secure with the help of our website maintenance services company in chennai. Our services give you the peace of mind that your website will function properly. Our prices are reasonable. We offer a wide range of services that are covered by our plans. We are on the list of top Website maintenance companies near you!

Your website is in very capable hands! Our experts are in charge of Website maintenance services. The greatest procedures are used for E-commerce website maintenance services. You don't need to be concerned about making rookie mistakes that cause downtime. There are no issues with server failures, email outages, or lost data

Assistance at All Times

Every plan comes with support hours. You can use it to create new pages, upload blog entries, and improve SEO. The support hour enables you to do pretty much anything else you require.

Backup of Website

We ensure that you never lose crucial client data. Your new pages, blog entries, and website are backed up by us. This takes place biweekly in real time. This makes us the provider of the Best website maintenance services.

Plugin and website updates

You can relax with our website maintenance services company. We update WordPress, themes, or plugins at a regular time. This will enable your site to never crash.

The Nine Piller Of Our

Web Maintain Service


Performance Evaluation

Your website will operate at its peak performance. Thanks to our thorough Website maintenance services . Our automated CRM system is used to schedule. Scheduling helps all Website maintenance services. you will receive thorough monthly reports. The reports are sent via our Website maintenance company.

  •  Boost website performance and effectiveness
  •  Optimal caching implementation
  •  Image enhancement, and size reduction
  •  Techniques for compression for quick download
  •  Remove all spam comments

Back-Up And Content

The benefits of our Website maintenance services are numerous. When necessary, you may always add, edit, and update content. Before making any significant updates, we completely back up the website. The client may request a backup whenever necessary. This will radically change your website. From a rough user experience to one that is significantly smoother. Users will have a better experience on your website. Our Website maintenance services are the best you can avail yourself of!

  •  Consistent Backup
  •  Update, amend, and add content
  •  Improve user experience
  •  Always be prepared for the worst
  •  complete website backup

Revisions and Improvements

We regularly perform bug repairs and website health checks. Our Website maintenance company helps to make your website bug-free. Any problem can develop with the core. It may even rise with third-party plugins. The problems are handled by our Website maintenance company. Your problem is handled by our E-commerce website maintenance services.

  •  Common Core Update
  •  Regular Plugin Updates
  •  Update the theme for a novel encounter Unused Deleted
  •  Update the theme for a new experience
  •  Removed unused plugins and themes.
  •  Find and fix broken links frequently.

Functionality Verification

We examine the functionality of our Website maintenance services. We support the receipt of emails with inquiries. We also examine the webpage for any broken links. We have fixed the broken links. Broken links are detrimental to SEO. We assist in maintaining a high SEO health score. We have a passionate development team in our Website maintenance company. They monitor and take action on uptime 24 hours a day. Our Web maintenance company offers support and referrals as needed.

  •  Keeping an eye out for database issues
  •  Continuous Uptime Monitoring and Response
  •  A Group of Enthusiastic Developers
  •  Hand-Holding Assistance
  •  Expert Consultation as Needed
  •  keeping an eye out for database issues

Resisting Virus And Hack Attacks

Our security implementations guard against hacking and prevent it. This includes viruses and malware. Malware or a shameful hack incident could happen. Fixing the problem is a top priority for our staff. This comes as a priority in our Website maintenance services. And until it is 100% hack-free, we'll stay in touch with you.

  •  Identifying and fixing mistakes as they occur
  •  Scan for Security, Automatic
  •  Firewall Configuration and Virus Defence
  •  Defense against brute force attacks
  •  Captcha security

Tech assistance

Our technical support staff will keep you informed at all times. It is a part of our Website maintenance services. Our support staff communicates with you via phone calls or emails as needed. We are linked across all channels in our Website maintenance company. We make sure that most tickets are resolved within 24 to 48 hours.

  •  Automatically managing tickets
  •  Log and database cleanup
  •  Malware Scan and Removal
  •  Phishing and Spam Prevention
  •  Removes recurring problems

Optimisation for Mobile and Browsers

You won't face any penalties, we promise! A fully responsive website would be provided for you. We make changes to a section if it is not responsive. And that is what you obtain through our Website maintenance company.

  •  Resolution of a minor mobile responsibility issue
  •  Mobile speed caching of the browser
  •  Installing GZip Caching
  •  Inefficient Load for Performances
  •  Fixing alignment problems

Delivery Capability Clarity

We ensure that you receive value for your money. We guarantee that you'll be happy with the service we offer. Furthermore, we see to it that you are constantly informed. We keep your website up to date.

  •  Preventive Activity Report for the Month
  •  A Performance Report for Advanced
  •  Report on Time Monitoring
  •  Report on Ticket Insight
  •  Report on Google Analytics Traffic

Boost Conversion Rate

We offerWebsite maintenance services that are expertly built. Your conversion rate will go up thanks to the service. We make sure everything runs efficiently. You will never face a hitch.

  •  Implementation of CDN
  •  Put conversion-friendly changes into action
  •   To help with your marketing campaign
  •  Making Third-Party Scripts Work
  •  Consultation on Conversion as Needed

Why should you hire us to manage your website?

You should pick BA Technology to maintain your website! Mainly because we offer expert Website maintenance services. Our Web maintenance company offers services at affordable prices. We are known for being the best in Website maintenance companies. The following are our goals:

  •  Knowing your company, its prospects and difficulties.
  •  Establishing and preserving enduring tie-ups. We make beneficial partnerships with our clients.
  •  Knowing your main obstacles and looking for every answer.
  •  Achieving the outcome you were hoping for with your online endeavours.
  •  Upkeeping of your website. We make it possible with our Website maintenance services.
  •  Your website will represent the current state of your company! We make it happen with our Website maintenance services. The webpage can be quickly updated by our team.
  •  We promise you'll get a top-notch finished product. With us, you'll have an amazing experience.

Why is it crucial for us to comprehend your business?

Understanding your company's goals is essential. We'll figure out the greatest strategy for preserving and enhancing it. We can become an essential component of your company. We are dedicated with our Website maintenance services. Pleasing our customers is what we enjoy doing! Don't let a faulty or exposed website. A faulty website can cost you opportunities. You would always require proper Website maintenance services. Websites ought to be encouraged. Websites require ongoing maintenance. Your webpage is updated frequently by us. It has been demonstrated that this boosts sales and traffic.

Your best option is to contact our Web maintenance company. Just attend to your business. We'll make website upkeep risk-free and hassle-free. We promise to exert all effort possible. We ensure that you are satisfied with the product's quality. This makes us stay on the list of top Website maintenance companies near you!

Pick our Value-Packed Website Maintenance Services

Website upkeep is something our business excels at. We've had the good fortune to develop a reputation as a trustworthy business. It is simple to work with us. But we are aware that the quality of our job is essential. It also pertains to our availability to support you. Rest assured that we will be here for you every single day.

Specialists in the area

We are there for any maintenance activity you require. You can rely on our experience. You will get our best service at a competitive price.

Spend Less Time

Both time and money will be saved. You will never get bogged down in technology. We'll help you work on your website and business.

Different Approach

Every project is a special endeavour in our eyes. We are swift, adaptable, and creative.

Simple communication

We are aware of the value of communication. There are several methods to contact us through us. We always keep you informed.

Websites that are up to date

We keep your website up to date with the most recent developments. Not to forget website design methods. Coding and maintenance have been upgraded to their best possible state.

Most Trustworthy

We've had the good fortune to develop a reputation for dependability. Working with us is really simple. We are accessible at all times. Our team ensures that your website operates flawlessly at all times.