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Why would your business require Google ads management service?

  With Google ads, you can get more visibility among the customers. Partner with the top Google Ads company in Chennai! Contact our experts at BA Technology. Google Ads is about meeting the customers at the beginning of their shopping trip. Google advertisements can put you at the top of SERP far ahead of organic results. It is a sponsored placement for outcomes such as clicks and phone calls. By cutting through the crowd, you position your company for maximum visibility. It can quickly direct clients to your web page and improve the number of visitors.

  To beat the ascent of organic search results, many brands want the most recent and effective SEM Strategy. In Chennai, there are numerous Google ads services. However, you must choose the perfect partner who can give innovative Google ads services. Our Google AdWords company assists you from campaign creation to ongoing optimization.

  Keywords are the foundation of every Google Ads campaign. You can receive assistance from a Google AdWords Management agency like ours. You may swiftly pinpoint the most pertinent and lucrative keywords people use by working with our Google AdWords company. We can assist your company by creating advertising that conveys appealing offerings and enticing CTAs.

Simplify the way you communicate with your consumers with our Google ads services.

  People use Google Ads to find out where to go and what to buy. Your ad could display just when someone is browsing for products or services similar to yours. Our Google Ads company in Chennai will consistently design and split-test higher-performing landing pages using data and research.

  Google advertisements allow you to manage your advertising budget. Our Google AdWords Management agency can establish a monthly budget cap and never exceed it. You can also suspend or change your spending at any moment. Our professional Google AdWords Management agency will assist you in meeting your lead-generating objectives.


With our Google ads management service, You can get the following

  • Before beginning advertising campaigns, conduct market research.
  •   Audit your ads account to determine your present status.
  •   Creating the most efficient Google Ads campaigns.
  •   Ads strategy tailored to your company.
  •   Based on careful consideration, the appropriate audience should be chosen.
  •   Increasing brand exposure and acquiring a large prospective consumer base.
  •   Campaign development to increase website visitors and conversions.
  •   Advice on Landing Page Optimisation to increase your online presence.
  •   Writing high-quality ad copy to increase visibility.
  •   Budget optimization based on your company's needs.
  •   Bidding approach tailored to your company's needs.
  •   Correct keyword planning and predictions are essential for outranking your competitors.
  •   Increasing the effectiveness of existing low-performing advertising so that no money is wasted.

Why get Google ads services for Your Business -

Get Estimated Outcomes

  You can track and measure the performance of all your campaigns with Google Ads. You will be able to determine the effectiveness of the plans using Analytics.

Target Prospective customers

  Put yourself in front of the most interested potential customers. You may increase your visibility by appearing when and where people are actively searching for keywords connected to your brand.

Attracts high-quality traffic

  Traffic from search engines is considered to be the most promising traffic because it is generated by individuals seeking the good or service that you provide. As a result, you may use Google Ads to boost the revenue and leads of your online business.


Get immediate results

  Even if your Google ad was just authorized, you can start seeing outcomes right away. You can also use Google Ads keyword planner to identify more possible keywords for organic marketing.

Unrivalled targeting.

  You can reach a wide range of audiences by using Google Ads targeting choices. You can reach folks who are unfamiliar with your brand. You can also reach out to people who are already aware of your business.

Cost-effective and profitable.

  Google advertising is less expensive than other forms of marketing. It is without a doubt one of the most cost-effective methods with a great ROI. You can see an immediate rise in conversions and sales.

Expand Your Business with Our Google Ads management service -


Google Search Ads

The most significant ad campaign for businesses to drive revenue and leads is a search network campaign. Our Google-certified ad specialists keep track of the progress of your search network advertising initiatives. They can alter bids, advertising, and keywords as needed. We can increase the amount of traffic that interacts favourably with your content.


Google Display Ads

Display network campaigns have a wide reach. It is used by our staff to raise brand recognition while also promoting your items. If you collaborate with professionals like us, display network advertising might be profitable for your company. Potential customers benefit from our display ads by increasing brand recognition, product consideration, and action.


App Promotional Ads

Over the years, BA Technology has gained considerable expertise with App Install Campaigns. Our Google Ads company in Chennai has experience managing Universal App Campaigns. On iOS, we ran advertisements directly in the App Store, and on Android, we ran ads directly in the Play Store. Our carefully selected network of excellent publishers assists you in increasing the number of app installs.


Landing Page Improvement

Our sales-driven landing page development and optimization services benefit our clients. We are one of the best Google Ads management companies. Everything is taken care of by our team! Our Google Ads company in Chennai can build fresh landing pages for your business. Our team monitors all statistics linked to your landing page.


Google Performance Max Campaigns

When you have particular advertising and conversion goals, Performance Max is the best solution to use. The objective of this goal-based campaign type is to enable advertisers to boost conversions across Google's assortment of advertising channels. This enables retailers to expand their visibility across various ad types. Performance Max campaigns include Google Maps and Discovery platforms, increasing the visibility of your ads.


Google Video Campaigns

Video campaigns enable you to connect and interact with your target audience. It can communicate through YouTube and Google video partners. When you establish a Video campaign, you may select from a variety of campaign goals. Campaign varieties and ad forms will inform consumers about your business. It will encourage the customers to act and engage. Increase sales, increase website traffic, and raise brand exposure with our video campaigns.

Frequently Asked Questions from our Google AdWords company -

1) Is Google AdWords Only Used for Search Ads?

No. Google AdWords is a marketing tool that provides you with a large network of advertising places and campaign types. It includes Search advertisements, Display ads, discovery ads, video ads, and others. It enables remarketing to different visitors to your website. You can also use Google AdWords to reach out to new audiences.

2) What Does Google Ads Cost?

The cost per click is determined by the fierce competition your keyword is in. You establish a daily budget and are only paid when someone clicks on your ad. Our team includes Google Ads professionals with decades of expertise. We can customize the Google Ads bidding strategy to your specific business needs.

3) What Goes Into Creating A Google AdWords Campaign?

Building up a Google ads campaign is a difficult task. However, with BA Technology, it can become a simple task. We can execute it well, and we are familiar with the platform. Setting up a new campaign entails the following, among other things:

  • Understanding your advertising goals.
  • Understanding your items and their profitability.
  • Choosing the most relevant campaign types.
  • Keyword research and analysis.
  • Creating the proper campaign structure to reduce costs.
  • Choosing the most effective Google Ads campaign based on your business goals.
  • Creating several 'ad extensions' to make your advertisements more appealing.
  • Creating intriguing ad copies for ads.
4) Why Should You Opt for BA Technology for Google ads management service?

Google Ads are a significant investment! You must verify that your firm is dealing with a reputable organization that gives the greatest service and outcomes available. There are numerous benefits of working with BA Technology.

  • We have a wealth of professional experience.
  • We have a specialized staff of Google Ads-certified experts who are masters in this sector.
  • To ensure that our clients receive the best results possible, we employ data-driven solutions.
  • We are continually monitoring Google Ads for new changes and improvements.
  • We make certain that our customers are always one step ahead of their competitors.
  • With all of these advantages, it's no surprise that we've been named one of Chennai’s top Google AdWords management services company!
5) What Is The Distinction Between Google Ads And SEO?

SEO is a long-term game that requires the proper setup of your web page and online presence. It may eventually result in greater natural search and traffic from referrals. You don't have to make payments for this traffic, but you are obligated to in time!

SEO should always be a part of any digital marketing strategy. Google AdWords, on the other hand, is a quick approach to deliver targeted visitors to your website. It is simple to set up and generates visitors much faster than SEO. Both are continuing investments, but AdWords clicks are only paid for when individuals show an interest in your goods.