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What is SEO?

What is SEO? Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the optimisation of websites according to the search engine criteria. In all over the world most of the search engine used by people is Google and particularly in India, 99% of the people using Google as their engine, so other Google some of them using Bing, Yandex, […]

Static web design vs Dynamic web design

Static web design vs Dynamic web design Web design generally classified into two main categories Static Web design Dynamic web design Static Web Design Static web design is a simple form of web design that can be designed in plain HTML and it is easy to design static web design. This type of web design […]

What is mobile app development?

What is mobile app development? Nowadays mobile app is very essential for all types of business because  of most of the user mobile on their day to day life. A mobile app is created by an android developer in a creative manner. A mobile app is developed for the mobile phones for the best to use […]

What is Web Development?

What is web development? Web development is known as developing of websites under various aspects like site design, improvising content, updating the sites, security configuration, script related items, etc. For the web development the developer will have to work on hosting process through intranet or internet due to the work situation. Web development is the […]

What is Web Design?

What is Web Design? Web Design means designing of websites according to user-friendly and it will show around the internet. The design which denotes how your content in the website, easy access theme and the workability of the websites. Web Design is the gathering of data, theme, colour textures, collection of links, set of pages, […]